Who’s having  Tyler Perry’s baby? Well, I am pleased you inquired.  The name of Tyler Perry’s future baby’s mother has not officially been released.  However, Tyler’s on and off again girlfriend of five years, Ethiopian model, Gelila Bekele is a strong candidate.
Yes, honey!  You read right.  Tyler Perry is expecting his first child.  He  jubilantly made the announcement at his star studded birthday bash. So hold on my lovelies because there will be more Tyler Perry baby updates flowing in the near future.

Source: http://madamenoire.com/471695/report-tyler-perry-is-expecting-his-first-child/
Above Photo  Credit: sandrarose.com-



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Tyler’s on and off again girlfriend of five years, Ethiopian model, Gelila Bekele is a strong candidate.

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Hope Tyler Perry’s baby will get a mother soon which will help him to grow faster and get all other things that necessary for a baby life.

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