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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is loads of fun.  America grew to love her grand entrance onto the stage of her talk show with her cool and charming dance moves to an infectious song. 

In June of 2013 and 2014, her fun-loving energy, along with her charisma, landed her the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest in Ellen’s Riff Raff Room.  The entire experience was quite pleasing and it permitted me a close and personal look into how her show is run.   

The show is magnificently produced, by the way.

My Ellen journey began as I entered the parking structure of the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, California.  Upon entering, I glanced to my left and noticed the vivacity of a group of excited, well-dressed audience members.  Everyone seemed to eagerly anticipate the check- in. 

There were flat screens on the wall that gave us the opportunity to view Ellen’s show as she was recording.  I approached the first desk where they obtained my driver’s license, checked me in, then motioned me towards the second desk. 

This time, I was provided with a huge blue card that read the number 342, after which I received a stamp on my right hand that was visible only when light flashed directly on it.

Finally, I was told to have a seat and wait until my number was called.  Everyone around me sat in heightened anticipation, looking forward to becoming an audience member on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Your first time on the show does not guarantee that you will be a part of the actual studio audience.  No, you must first become one of Ellen’s Riff Raff where you will view the show in Ellen’s Riff Raff room. 

I know the term Riff Raff is not becoming, however, it makes sense.  The Riff Raff room allows Ellen’s production crew to properly screen the audience behavior, which will determine if they will be invited back to become an actual studio audience member. Membership presents the opportunity to dance and laugh with Ellen up close and personal. 

Despite the name, the Riff Raff room was full of energy and excitement intertwined with positive expectation.  The whole encounter was a big party.

Ellen’s Riff Raff crew observed the audience the entire time, speaking as unsuspiciously as they could into their microphones. These crew members were undoubtedly providing feed back to the rest of the production crew.  Were they assessing the Riff Raff audience’s bent for compliance? Checking to see how they would react once they were on camera? Likely, yes. 

One of Ellen’s guests was One Direction, an English-Irish pop boy band based in London.  The young girls around me were screaming, crying, yelling and dancing as they zealously observed their favorite musical group on camera.   

Ellen has a smile that lights up her entire studio.  She even graced the Riff Raff room with her presence, smiling and waving as she brought One Direction to say hello to screaming fans. 

Now, let’s reflect back to earlier when I indicated Ellen’s Riff Raff crew are always on the look-out to prohibit actual riff raff from obtaining access to the studio showroom.  The Riff Raff room is a screening room that, after you pass the screening process, presents the opportunity to become an actual audience member.

During my Riff Raff experience, the Riff Raff crew informed production of the high energy and excitement coming from fans.  The high energy was brought to Ellen’s attention which prompted her to come back and greet the Riff Raff room. 

Ellen always gives back to her fans, which is why I believe she is a huge success.  Ellen didn’t do a single re-take; she allowed the show to naturally flow, stopping only for commercial breaks. 

During my entire involvement, people were dancing and smiling; it was absolutely pure, positive, high momentum.  I enjoyed being a part of Ellen’s Riff Raff and was successful in obtaining an invite back.  My next tour of the Ellen Show will grant me the opportunity to be a part of her studio audience. 

My Ellen experience was instructive and taught me a lot about the production of a talk show since I, myself, will one day host my own talk show.  I was able to see the screening process and how the show is run. 

Ellen is amazing.  She has great energy and understands how to flow with life’s frequency.  She frequently gazes into the studio audience as she flashes her bright, contagious smile.  Everyone should provide themselves the opportunity to experience Ellen’s Riff Raff Room and, if you are the right mix of positive energy and excitement, you may be invited back to become a part of the show. 

Watch below as Ellen and One Direction Grace the Riff Raff Room.

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<![CDATA[Fergie dropped her new single L.A. Love (Audio)]]>Tue, 30 Sep 2014 01:24:42 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/-fergie-dropped-her-new-single-la-love-audio
Yes, honey! You ready the title right.  Fergie dropped her new single L.A.  Love produced by DJ Mustard.  Check  it out below.
<![CDATA[Walmart blames Tracy Morgan for the injuries he sustained in a six car accident (Photos)]]>Tue, 30 Sep 2014 00:39:10 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/-walmart-blames-tracy-morgan-for-the-injuries-he-sustained-in-a-six-car-accident-photosPicture
Walmart blames Tracy Morgan.

Walmart blames Tracy Morgan for the injuries he sustained in a six (6) car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike on  June 7, 2014; whereas Walmart driver Kevin Roper was fatigued due to a  twenty-four (24) hour sleep deprivation.   Walmart proclaims injuries were sustained  due to the absence of the plaintiff’s (Tracy Morgan) seat belt restraint. 

As a result of the six (6) car accident,  Morgan is able to use a walker, however, he relies on a wheel chair as his mode  of transportation.  
Wishing Tracy Morgan a speedy recovery and  justice in his case.

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<![CDATA[ A Private Celebrity Tribute held in honor of Comedian Robin Williams ]]>Sun, 28 Sep 2014 15:03:28 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/-a-private-celebrity-tribute-held-in-honor-of-comedian-robin-williamsPicture
Williams was loved and adored by people all over the globe. 
Saturday, in San Francisco, a host of Robin’s celebrity colleagues
gathered together to pay homage to their dear friend. The event was held at  Curan Theatre.  Robin William’s  daughter, Zelda Williams organized a huge portion of the service while Stevie  Wonder took care of the musical selections.  
Robin  Williams played a vast role in spreading laughter all over the world.  He was an awe-inspiring comedian as  well as magnificent actor.  His dazzling talent earned him 5 Grammy’s, 2 Emmy’s, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and 4 Golden Globes.
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<![CDATA[JHUD: Soulful Songstress spotted in New York City]]>Thu, 25 Sep 2014 12:01:30 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/jhud-soulful-songstress-spotted-in-new-york-cityPicture

Jennifer Hudson, the soulful songstress, was spotted in New York City rocking a blazer accompanied by short-shorts accented with fishnet stockings. The singing sensation flashed her gorgeous smile at the paparazzi as she proceeded to the taping of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. 
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<![CDATA[ Amber Rose Called it Quits from hubby Wiz khalifa]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 20:32:16 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/amber-rose-call-it-quits-from-hubby-wiz-khalifaPicture
Yes, honey! You read the title right.   Amber Rose called it  quits from hubby Wiz Khalifa.  The lovable couple married  on July 8, 2013 and now they are headed for a divorce.  

Recently, Amber was spotted in Beverly Hills without her wedding ring. There’s speculation as to who played a part in Ambers decision to divorce Wiz. Nevertheless, the more serious matter at  hand is the couple’s one year old son, Sebastian; let’s hope the couple can agree to disagree regarding their divorce for the sake of their son.  
Wishing Wiz and Amber peace, love and happiness as they embark upon their new journey, separated.

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<![CDATA[ Tyler Perry opens up and comes out of the closet ]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 12:34:20 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/-tyler-perry-opens-up-and-comes-out-of-the-closetPicture
Tyler Perry  opens up and comes out of the closet.   Yesterday, Tyler Perry shocked the world as media outlets scurried to  release the astonishing news.  

During Tyler Perry’s star studded birthday bash, he made two
announcements.  First, he announced  he was expecting his first child.  Second, he came completely out and announced that he was gay.  
It takes a  lot of courage to open up to the world regarding your personal affairs. People will judge and speculate,  nevertheless, Tyler Perry has to live his life for himself only regardless of  what others think.

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<![CDATA[ Kendrick Lamar is back and has tapped into the Emotion of Dr. Maya Angelou’s renowned poem “Still I Rise” (Audio)]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 01:25:22 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/kendrick-lamar-is-back-and-has-tapped-into-the-emotion-of-dr-maya-angelous-renowned-poem-still-i-rise-audioPicture
Kendrick  Lamar is back and has tapped into the emotions of Dr. Maya Angelou’s renowned
poem “Still I Rise” with his not new single “I love myself.”  

Kendrick extracted from the nucleus of his soul the supremacy of loving
one’s self which he poetically expresses through the channels of hip hop.   
Kendrick  Lamar has raised the level of consciousness in hip hop.  Listen to Kendrick’s hot new single, “I love myself” below.

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<![CDATA[ So you’re having Tyler Perry’s baby ]]>Tue, 23 Sep 2014 04:52:50 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/-so-youre-having-tyler-perrys-babyPicture
Who’s having  Tyler Perry’s baby? Well, I am pleased you inquired.  The name of Tyler Perry’s future baby’s mother has not officially been released.  However, Tyler’s on and off again girlfriend of five years, Ethiopian model, Gelila Bekele is a strong candidate.
Yes, honey!  You read right.  Tyler Perry is expecting his first child.  He  jubilantly made the announcement at his star studded birthday bash. So hold on my lovelies because there will be more Tyler Perry baby updates flowing in the near future.

Source: http://madamenoire.com/471695/report-tyler-perry-is-expecting-his-first-child/
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<![CDATA[ Halle Berry Demonstrates How She Rolls (Video) ]]>Fri, 11 Jul 2014 22:27:41 GMThttp://renishamarie.org/renisha-marie-blog/-halle-berry-demonstrates-how-she-rolls-videoPicture
Halle Berry
demonstrated how she rolls on the Jimmy Fallon show.  

Jimmy Fallon and the exquisite 47 year old Berry got too close for comfort during their hilarious presentation of “show them how we roll.” Halle Berry stood directly above Jimmy  Fallon’s head while wearing a stunning black and white dress in preparation for  the roll as Fallon amusingly stated,“I’m not going to peek.” 

View the video below to check out “Show them how we roll”
Above Photo Credit: www.accesshollywood.com