Summer of 2014 Hottest Hairdos for women.

The curly hairdo is an easy on the go style  that works well in the summer heat without the harsh side effects of  frizzing.  This look will keep you  looking fabulous on the beach or on the go.  You can rock it short or long.  Choose the style that works best for your lifestyle.

Above Photo Credit: www.fashionfist.com

A sassy pony tail with a fabulous braid is
a sure fire way to keep your hair looking remarkable in the hot sun.  This look can be worn to the gym, the beach, or you can dress it up for an evening on the town.

Above Photo Credit: www.prettydesigns.com-475

A short classy cut is a sexy, fun, easy and
carefree way to remain confident in the hot sun.

Above Photo Credit:www.wowhairstyles.com-

Denim overalls are all the rage and have made their come back. Yes, honey! Summer is upon us and a cute pair of "shortalls” (Short overalls) will do you some good and you will look F-A-B wearing them. Check out the different “shortall” photos; you can duplicate the looks yourselves at a price that’s  affordable to your budget.  Allow  the photos to inspire your fashion sense and add flare to your "shortalls."  Remember, accessories are  everything!

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Khloe Kardashian rocks black leather knee
high boots with denim daisy dukes.  
FAB or Drab? You be the judge.

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Yes, honey! You read the title right.  The Italian brand Moschino, in all of its extravagance, brought McDonalds golden arches to fashion in their new  fall-winter collection. 

The  assemblage includes a baggy red sweater dress with a design that looks like the golden arches. However, these arches are bent into a heart like “M” for Moschino.  The McDonald’s inspired dress is priced at $935.00.  

Moschino didn’t let their innovative ideas  stop at the golden arches. No, honey! They also set their fashion taste buds on  Budweiser. Now, this isn’t the  first time food has been incorporated into fashion, do you remember the Wonder Bread T-Shirts? 
Yes, honey! Moschino Integrated iconic yumminess into fashion. You can  view and purchase some of Moschino’s delectable fashion below.

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