The Minnesota school district violated a student’s constitutional right by viewing her social media account without permission. Riley Stratton was  punished after posting unfavorable comments about her teacher’s aide on face  book.  Please note Riley was home
when she posted the disapproving comments and not using school computers.
Administrators viewed Riley’s on line  conversations between her peers. 
“I was in tears,” Riley told the Star-Tribune on Tuesday. I was embarrassed when they made me give over my password.” 
Riley was punished for doing what kids,  myself included have done for many years---“complaining to her friends about  teachers and administrators…she wasn’t spreading lies or inciting them to engage  in bad behavior; she was just expressing her personal feelings.”
The $70,000 settlement will be allocated between the Stratton’s, for damages, as well as the ACLU of Minnesota.

Should schools discipline kids for things that happen out of school? Speak on it.
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