Yes, honey!  You read the title right. Jasmine Sullivan is returning to music after being on  a hiatus for three years.  She performed for a packed house at KOKO in London’s Camden Place on March 31st.  
Jazmine  confirmed during her performance at KOKO’s that she is currently working on her  third album, Mona Lisa.  Yes,  honey! Jazmine is back in a real way.   Don’t believe me? Just watch.  
Welcome back  Jazmine Sullivan! Watch Jazmine perform for a packed house at KOKO in London’s  Camden Place.  Get ready, grab your  favorite beverage, snack and allow the soulful voice of Jazmine Sullivan take you away. Enjoy!


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Above Photo Credit: Necolebitchie.com 

Photo Designed by: Renisha Marie Entertainment LLC.

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