Jared Leto arrived at the Oscars wearing a  skillfully tailored suite. The white dinner jacket and red bow tie accentuated his ensemble preventing his unique charisma from being completely boxed in. 
Rate Jared’s Oscar look FAB of Drab? You be the judge.
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Ellen DeGeneres was an outlandish Oscar host. 
I believe she’s the first host in history to have pizza delivered and  served at the Oscars.  Not to  mention that Ellen turned the world upside down when she broke the ‘most
retweeted’ Twitter record with her celebrity group tweet; topping President  Obama’s previous Twitter record of 778,000 tweets sending her to the number one spot with 2.7 million tweets.  Now that’s grand honey.

Above Photo Credit:  screencrush.com

The Oscars gave us 3.5-hours of fabulosity
brining in 43 million viewers! Yes, honey! You read me right. 43 MILLION Viewers making it the most-watched television show in ten years.

 Celebrity Group Twitter  Photo:ABC

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