Yes, honey! You read the title right.   Amber Rose called it  quits from hubby Wiz Khalifa.  The lovable couple married  on July 8, 2013 and now they are headed for a divorce.  

Recently, Amber was spotted in Beverly Hills without her wedding ring. There’s speculation as to who played a part in Ambers decision to divorce Wiz. Nevertheless, the more serious matter at  hand is the couple’s one year old son, Sebastian; let’s hope the couple can agree to disagree regarding their divorce for the sake of their son.  
Wishing Wiz and Amber peace, love and happiness as they embark upon their new journey, separated.

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Yes, honey! You read the title right. Supermodel Naomi Campbell revealed her plans to launch a fashion line to
British Vogue on Sunday.  Naomi has been modeling for fashion icons since the 1980’s and was recognized among the  top three most renowned and in-demand models.  (
So why create a fashion line now?

“I always had this feeling of, I love working  with designers — I don’t want to be their competition, and maybe if I do my own  line they won’t work with me anymore. Now I’ve grown up a bit more, I will be
[launching a line], yes.... I will design not just for women of color, but for  all. I see there’s lots of things that are not there that I feel that I’d like  to have, and so I’d like to share it with everybody. So yes, I will, and  hopefully one of the things will be out by 2015.”  (
Since progress has been made towards
diversity within the fashion industry Naomi believes she is ready to make her
mark. Let’s see what innovative  fashion Naomi has to offer us in 2015.  
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