Make New  Year’s Eve a movie night with Rize. Happy 2014!


Get ready  world because ready or not here she comes and you can either like it, love it,  or hate it.  Lady Gaga launched her  life-sized Gaga doll in Japan. ***confused look*** Yes honey! The T is Lady Gaga  was in Japan promoting her album Pop Art where she unveiled the world’s first  life-sized Gaga doll which was inspired by her recently released album.  

Check  out the video below to view the launch of the life-sized Gaga  doll.
The Los  Angeles Police Department announced plans to use a tool that checks for drug use  on New Year’s Eve.  This is a  crackdown on intoxicated drivers and medical Marijuana users. 
Be safe this New Years. Please don’t drink and drive and if you choose to  drink please use a designated driver.  

The following links offer Safe Ride Programs for New Year’s  Eve:
AAA Clubs  are currently offering a Safe Ride Program for New Year’s  Eve:

NDDDS National Directory of Designated Driver  Services

Bring in the  New Year’s right and come home the same night.  Your loved ones need you. Wishing you a happy 2014!


Check out  Queen Bey as she gives us an up close and personal look behind her new
album.  She also sends this message  to women, “You can have a child, work hard and get your body  back.” Check her out as she proudly flaunts her body after Blue Ivy.

Vivica A. Fox is 48 years  young and looking damn good! What’s her secret? Did she find the fountain of  youth? Or could her youthful complexion be the result of Rx for Brown Skin?
Vivica Fox is the new face of Rx for Brown Skin which she attributes her youthful look. All I can say is  Ms. Fox is giving major wow factor at 48 and giving brown girls a good look at  what 40 could look like.  Smile  brown girls because 40 is giving major wowness and screaming “look out world,  I’m brown, beautiful and here to stay!” Thanks to Rx today.  
Check out Vivica A. Fox for  yourself below.


Vivica A. Fox as she discusses her daily Rx for Brown Skin regimen and how using
Rx for Brown Skin has brightened and made her skin more radiant! Rx for Brown
Skin addresses the unique needs of brown skin, such as hyper-pigmentation,
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Queen Bey is  steady making history. You go girl! I guess we can say IN YOUR FACE TARGET!  ***shoulder shrug*** Oh well, although Target refused to carry Beyoncé’s hot new
single, Walmart is carrying the CD.
Beyoncé’  recently visited Tewksbury Walmart.   She smiled when she saw her CD on  display, took a FAB picture with a  darling little girl, purchased a toy for Blue Ivy and last but not least, as she  was paying for her purchases (her CD included) she announced on Walmart’s  loudspeaker: 

“It’s  Beyoncé. I stopped by the store today because my record just arrived. I want to
 send everyone a little gift. For everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas from Beyoncé.”

All I can say is, Beyoncé’ is a power player who made a power move.  Way to go Bey! Hmmm, I bet you Walmart makes a killing this season. I wonder why? ***Evil grin, (insert evil laugh hahahaha!)  Target must be pissed right now!

View  Beyoncé’ shopping at Walmart below


Target  stores have been hit by a major credit breach involving up to 40 million  accounts. Chief Executive Officer  Greg Steinhafel, states, “Target is working closely with law enforcement and
financial institutions, and has identified and resolved the issue.” 
The unlawful access took place between November 27 and December 15. 

Mike  Donovan, Global Focus Group Leader for Beazley Breach Response, headquartered in  London states, "Any company that handles personal data is vulnerable," Thank you
Mr. Donovan for the positive reassurance.   If you are a Target card holder, take matters into your own hands by ensuring your account was not affected.


Thamsanqa Jantjie, the interpreter for
Nelson Mandela’s memorial service who was accused of offering bogus sign
language interpretation was admitted to the Sterkfontein sychiatric Hospital on  Tuesday.  Siziwe, the wife of
Thamsanqa Jantjie stated, “The past few days have been hard. We have been  supportive because he might have had a breakdown."  
Thamsanqa Jantjie gained worldwide fame  when he was accused of making false sign language interpretations.  He told reporters he suffered a schizophrenic episode oh his way to the  stadium and he saw angels.  
Sending prayers and love to Thamsanqa 
Jantjie and his family.