MC Hammer, who was born Stanley Kirk Burrell served Three years in the Navy as an Aviation Storekeeper (SK)

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Bob Barker trained as a fighter pilot in the Naval Reserve

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Regis Philbin served two years in the Navy. “On his last day of service, the major told him, Don't you know you can have
anything you want in this life if you only want it bad enough? Do you want it?  Philbin took the major's advice and headed to Hollywood” (parade.condenast.com)

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Bill Cosby served in the Navy as a hospital corpsman (HM) and worked at large with Korean War Veterans. Cosby also ran on the Navy’s track team.

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I also served in the United States Navy as a Yeoman Second Class YN2.

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Yes, honey! You read the title right.  The Amazing Spider Man 2 is coming to
theatres May 2, 2014. Marc Webb is the director and the stars include Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Fox, and Dane DeHaan.  
Ever hear the saying, “go hard or go home?”  Well, honey! Sony Pictures definitely went hard with The Amazing Spider Man 2.  “At the tail end of this movie  we set up some of the other characters that will probably end up being in the  Sinister Six.” Say what, did Sony Pictures co-Chairman Amy Pascal say “Sinister  six?” Yes she did. And to make Sony  look even more extreme, the studio has placed the Villains from Spider-Man universe up front and center.  
All I can say is great ready for a stomach turning, head spinning, rollercoaster ride because beginning May 2, 2014 Sony  Pictures is taking entertainment to a new dimension.
View The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer below.
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The Minnesota school district violated a student’s constitutional right by viewing her social media account without permission. Riley Stratton was  punished after posting unfavorable comments about her teacher’s aide on face  book.  Please note Riley was home
when she posted the disapproving comments and not using school computers.
Administrators viewed Riley’s on line  conversations between her peers. 
“I was in tears,” Riley told the Star-Tribune on Tuesday. I was embarrassed when they made me give over my password.” 
Riley was punished for doing what kids,  myself included have done for many years---“complaining to her friends about  teachers and administrators…she wasn’t spreading lies or inciting them to engage  in bad behavior; she was just expressing her personal feelings.”
The $70,000 settlement will be allocated between the Stratton’s, for damages, as well as the ACLU of Minnesota.

Should schools discipline kids for things that happen out of school? Speak on it.
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A mother’s love is a touching story about a
young lady looking for the approval of her mother; “What do you do when your  mother doesn’t approve of the man you love?”  

Kandi Burrus has done it again.  Yes, honey! “A Mother’s Love” is here
and you can view the trailer now by clicking the video below.  
Executive Produced by Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker, “A Mother’s Love includes 18 original songs written by Kandi Burruss and  features performances from Kandi, Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, D. Woods, Q.  Parker, Porsha Williams and many more!”

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In the above photo you see an unusual and down to earth side of Michael Jackson on the set of “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

Epic Records released “The Way You Make Me Feel” in November of 1987; it was the third single from Michael Jackson’s seventh studio album Bad which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Michael Jackson AKA “The King of Pop,” August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009

Above Photo Credit: HipHopDX.com

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson

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Yes, honey! You read the title right. Eric
Bellinger signed with Lyor Cohen’s 300 Entertainment. Eric is known for his hit single, “I Don’t Want Her” featuring Problem,
which is currently No. 35 on Billboard’s Rhythmic chart. 
He is also the mastermind behind the success of Chris Brown’s “Love More”
and “Fine China.”  In addition, he  also wrote “Let Me See” for Usher and “Right Here” for Justin Beiber.
Eric Bellinger is no rookie to the entertainment industry. Rather than play behind the scenes, the time has come for Eric Bellinger to step into the spotlight.  
“300 will be the umbrella; they have so  many resources that we can plug into, Bellinger tells Billboard about the new alliance. Lyor told us, ‘We really like 'I Don’t Want Her' -- you just need help pushing it. That’s where I come in.’ Nieman and I are still going to push YFS, signing artists as well as other
Congratulations to Eric Bellinger on  signing with 300 Entertainment; wishing you greatness on your journey with NO limitations.  
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How well do you know Hip Hop? Test your Hip Hop knowledge below.

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Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and ex-wife
Mashonda vacation together in St. Barts. Yes, honey! You read me right.  Swizz Beatz ex-wife Mashonda vacationed
with the happy Hollywood couple, however, during the retreat, Swizz Beatz made
out with Alicia Keys in front of his ex-wife with no drama. 
According to Splash News photos, Swizz, Alicia and Mashonda seem to have
repaired their relationship for the greater good.   
Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys aren’t the only
Hollywood couple restoring their relationships with their ex. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are another Hollywood example of blended  families transforming their relationships for the better.  
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged and expecting their first child. 
Yes, honey! You read me right. 
The Two and a Half Men star and his fiancée, the Friends with Benefits
are embarking upon a blissful journey.  
The  Hollywood couple will become more industrious this year planning the forthcoming  of their bundle of joy in addition to all the wonderfulness that come along with planning a wedding.

Congratulations to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis!  

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Have you heard about Random Socks? They are enhancing the fashion world with their randomness. And just like their name, the
company will ship you a pair of Random Socks. You get to choose your
color and style (plaids, plain Jane, numbers and Dinosaur).  

Yes, honey!  Add some spice to your wardrobe by clicking the link below and
add a little randomness to your life.
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